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A current working example is quantum physics. In the final century, likely no scientific development has sparked more occult hobby than quantum physics, Spiritual but it isn’t due to the fact quantum physics explicitly factors in the direction of occult businesses or impacts. It is because quantum physics, whilst affording surprisingly accurate predictions approximately atomic phenomena, demanding situations conventional clinical assumptions about physical truth and thereby clears a area for renewed debate approximately a whole spectrum of troubles:
The character of mild, extrasensory belief, human unfastened will, God’s omniscience, and so on. Some of these problems will be deemed occult by using medical purists, but even they can’t escape the fee that their worldview is, at some stage, interpretative or metaphysical. Albert Einstein understood this principle higher than most: “bodily [scientific] concepts,” he wrote, “are unfastened creations of the human thoughts, and are not, however it could appear, uniquely decided with the aid of the external world.” As lengthy as the sector remains open to pluralistic interpretation, science and the occult will experience uneasy companionship.
Early 20th century America generally inspires pictures of blue collar conformity, the notable depression and other sterile visions of ancient Americana. But look no further to shatter that picture than the peculiar tales of John Whiteside Parsons, higher referred to as Jack Parsons.
What’s communism, the lessons of Aleister Crowley, the Golden Age of Science Fiction, NASA and Bohemian unfastened-love colonies got to do with each other? Jack Parsons.
On the peripheries of reducing part technology, while most reputable lecturers taken into consideration rocketry a foolhardy pseudoscience resigned to pulp magazines, Jack Parsons could cross directly to revolutionize and blast the technological know-how into life. Reading as a who’s who of the time, “Strange Angel” charts the history of Parsons as he develops the burgeoning technological know-how of rocketry and falls deeper into his observe of black magic. Between corresponding with Wernher von braun and Aleister Crowley and his friendship with L. Ron Hubbard, Parson’s tale is one which must be examine to be believed.

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