Definition of Humanism

Five) Humanism in society: Humanists accept as true with that human beings on my own are responsible for making the sector a better place. Many marketing campaign for equality, human rights, and secularism. Many rejoice the progress humanity has made, however comprehend the paintings that is still to be done.

These thoughts have emerge as so extensively held, within the UK and the rest of Western Europe as a minimum, that the Oxford Companion to the Mind even goes so far as to say that it’s miles a most important, even though unacknowledged, global view inside the Western World today: “a morally worried style of highbrow atheism overtly humanism avowed with the aid of most effective a small minority of people (as an instance, folks that are participants of the British Humanist Association) however tacitly usual by a wide spectrum of knowledgeable humans in all parts of the Western World.”

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