Complete Guide to Dive Komodo Island Indonesia

Once you descend onto the sea mound, you’ll be surrounded with the aid of fusiliers, batfish, and lots of other reef fish. At a depth of 25-35m, you’ll stumble upon training barracuda, jacks, mackerel together with massive gray reef sharks. After the inner most a part of your dive, you will go back towards the surface where you may see abundant coral growths where you could education your spotting abilties with the properly camouflaged frogfish, colourful tiny nudibranchs, and scuttling crab species.

Komodo, Indonesia is one of the global’s maximum famous dive locations. Mostly known for its large populace of manta rays, it’s also domestic to an abundance of marine existence and big populations of corals.

The high-quality manner to hit all of the top dive spots in Komodo Diving is to go on a liveaboard so you can reach the similarly out dive spots that aren’t handy from Labuan Bajo. We’ve hosted Girls that Scuba Trips to this superb marine park, so here’s our take at the great dive web sites in Komodo.

Now don’t quote us in this, but this may probably be the nice dive web page of all time. Teeming with corals as some distance as the attention can see, we doubt you have ever seen this a lot shade – or this many turtles – on a dive earlier than.

By Komodo standards, the present day at Batu Bolong is minimum and the depth is exceptionally shallow. This means that when there’s exquisite light it’s an underwater playground for photographers. Expect reef sharks, turtles, rays, and preserve a watch out for any unexpected encounters.

Taka Makassar

Here’s in which you want to go in case you are searching out the now not-so-elusive manta rays of Komodo! Expect mantas swooping through, turtles following in the back of them, and corals peacefully swaying underneath.

There’s also the risk of sharks, eagle rays, moray eels, as well as resident clownfish within the blend. You’re going to want to place Taka Makassar proper up there to your bucket listing.

Manta Alley

Not visible sufficient mantas? Or worse still, not been capable of spot them on your journey to this point? Try Manta Alley! Enjoy this shallow dive with a massive opportunities of mantas and turtles, and perhaps even sharks. It’s a sense like no different whilst a manta comes to greet you.

One of Komodo’s maximum well-known dive spots – and rightly so, it’s like a fish and coral explosion down there! Pinnacles rise from a shelf 20-24m deep and reach nearly to the floor up to 4m deep, imparting an unforgettable view.

Whitetip and blacktip reef sharks patrol the area, which is likewise visited by eagle and manta rays within the proper season. But be careful, the currents can be strong here. We’d advocate you are as a minimum Advanced Open Water qualified – and consider that DSMB!

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