Clothing Manufacturer

Manufactures brand their own clothing to explain to it apart from the rest, many are manufactured a bulk and sold at cheap prices with regard to the average person, a great example of this would be Primark (a very large company that mass produce their great promote them from cheap prices) they are a family group friendly company offering garments suitable for the whole family.

custom dress manufacturers will be classed as makers – these businesses tend not to manufacture their items on typically the same scale and provide clothing for some sort of different kind of market. Their products are most uniquely designed to the latest styles and fashions, they frequently be expensive more money but it can be evident why.

A few designers create unique pieces called ‘one offs’ these are usually very unique things of clothing who have a lot of work and care go in in their eyes. As the title stats the object produced could be the just piece that will ever before be made as you may expect an one away from unique item involving clothing can cost a lot of money.

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