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It took some years, however, for the capacity of the “gutty” to be realized. The first prototypes have been smooth as billiard balls; they were tough to get airborne and tended to duck (drop) quickly in flight. It changed  golf training aids into soon located that ball flight improved noticeably as soon as the ball obtained the nicks, cuts, and scuff marks that resulted from a spherical of play. Ball makers found out to mould balls with raised or indented floor styles, hence making sure right flight.


The emergence of the gutta-percha in 1848 added approximately a innovative change in the sport. The professionals had divided views, but. At St. Andrews Allan Robertson, a leading manufacturer of feather balls, could have nothing to do with gutties at the start; however “Old Tom” Morris, who become then his assistant, wisely foresaw the possibilities of the brand new ball, and in this issue the 2 sincerely parted corporation in 1852, Morris going into enterprise on his personal (he back to St. Andrews in 1859, after the demise of Robertson). The ball was heartily welcomed by the golf network, not least for its financial system (cost: one shilling each), and its coming right away swelled the golfing ranks.


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